Danielle has always wanted to fulfil her lifelong dream of being an artist, and as she grew older, her interest in the tattoo business continued to grow further.

Hey everyone!?

So, for those of you who didn’t know I am a fully trained body piercer, and have actually been piercing for 8 years.. I started out as a body piercer, but I’ve always been into art since a very young age, and having a career in art was always my dream.

I was very lucky to start my tattooing apprenticeship in 2012 within a studio in Layton, Blackpool. Which is where my love for colour tattoos began.
It wasn’t until 2013 when I moved to another studio where I started to expand my portfolio by tattooing portraits and black and grey pieces.

If I could, I would tattoo portraits all day, everyday! They’re definitely my favourite. However, I do also enjoy getting stuck into a good ole’ black and grey piece.

2015 was a big year, because in January Indelible Ink was born❤️
Myself and Chelsea decided it was time to spread our wings and go solo! Since then, we have grown into the Indeible Ink you all know today.